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Atlantis and the Silver City

A new and convincing solution to the worlds greatest historic mystery, Atlantis. Over 2000 books have previously attempted to find the answer but invariably stumbled by matching only a handful of Plato´s clues for this fabled lost civilisation. This book matches almost 60 and includes the discovery of the ancient capital with its harbour that Plato described in great detail and the great sunken plain with at least one group of submerged ruins.

Everything fits - the precise location, climate, topography, crops and animals, even the incredible wealth. It sits uneasily by one of the worlds most lethal seismic fault lines which in the past has wreaked havoc up to ten times more powerful than the recent quake off Japan with tsunamis 100 feet high. The great Atlantis empire is traced together with their leaders odysseys to civilise South America and Egypt. The unique Atlantean physical characteristics are pinpointed and an ancient alphabet traced from which Phoenicians and Greek developed.


"The book is a valuable addition to any Atlantis Library."


"A new and compelling case for the location of the Atlantis heartland. An intriguing and thought-provoking read."

Graham Hancock – author of Fingerprints Of The Gods

"So, is there anything different about what ‘Atlantis and the Silver City’ claims? The answer is a surprising yes, and the book deserves a close look. I have to commend the author for his careful reasoning and also his close examination of what Plato really stated. He uses logic and actual archaeological finds to make his conclusions - and what he concludes does fit Plato - all of Plato. There is a strong possibility that the things the book claims are factual and the author may have hit upon something important in his conclusions. It is an intriguing book, well worth a read for anyone interested in Atlantis."

Dr Greg Little - Alternative Perceptions Magazine

‘An unusual and riveting read… you are sure to be entertained.’

The Daily Opinion

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