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Dead Fish

Dr Geoffrey Quinn arrives home in the middle of the night to find his children missing, the charred remains of his wife’s body in the boiler and Chief Superintendent Manning waiting to arrest him for her murder. Enter Alison Hope: small, attractive, determined, and briefed to defend him.

Quinn claims he is innocent, but Alison is not so sure. The background becomes increasingly murky as she penetrates a wealthy and ruthless circle who cannot risk their secrets coming to light. Behind a façade of genteel society parties, their hard drugs and kinky sex could be embarrassing. But - deeper hidden - swirl dangerous currents of child molestation, mega-fraud and illegal arms dealing. Crimes they will kill to conceal?

Underlying everything is the inexorable deadline of Quinn’s trial. Can Alison unravel the mystery in time to save him? It seems she hasn’t a chance. ‘Then give it up,’ counsels her lover, eccentric private investigator George Kristianssen: ‘Go with the flow.’ But Alison is resolute. Only Dead Fish go with the flow.


“Topical and intriguing – an engaging first crime novel with a high page-turning factor.”

Law Society Gazette

“Courtroom drama and . . . a cracking debut for unconventional private eye George Kristianssen.”

Daily Telegraph

"Utterly compelling. I was gripped from page one."

Caro Fraser

“Amazing twists and turns keep the pages turning… it's compelling."

Linda Strong (Reviewer)

“The more I read, the more engrossed I became. Definitely well worth a read if you enjoy murder mysteries with a twist.”

Sue Blanchard (Reviewer)

“Dr Geoffrey Quinn arrives home after a long drive to find his house a crime scene and taken over by the police. They arrest him after discovering the remains of his wife in the basement furnace. Meanwhile his two children are still missing presumed dead. The storyline kept me interested all the way through to the last few pages. The ending was a reminder that things are never quite what they seem.”

Ivory Castle (Reviewer)

“I loved the character of Amy Hope and all her past history. I hope we see this as the beginning of a series featuring her. This is gripping debut novel. The plot has many twists and turns and it is a definite read for crime and thriller lovers.”

Pat Simpson (Reviewer)

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