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Death in Paris

The start of a delightful new cozy mystery series in which two American women are drawn into solving a series of crimes set in each Parisian arrondissement.

Edgar Bowen is dead, drowned in a bowl of soup. His former girlfriend, Rachel Levis, is surprised: how many people drown in a nice vichyssoise? Then she overhears a mourner at the funeral describe the circumstances of Edgar's death: when he was found, an open bottle of rosé wine was on the table next to him. But Rachel knows Edgar loathed rosé. If he wasn't drinking it, who was?

The police won't listen to the suspicions of a woman who has nothing more than an inappropriate bottle of wine on her side, so Rachel knows she, and her best friend Magda, will have to solve the mystery on their own. As the two women investigate, the list of suspects grows. Could it have been Edgar's son, who stands to inherit his money and lavish apartment? His icy ex-wife? His spendthrift new girlfriend? It seems like everyone close to Edgar had a reason to want him dead.

But then the suspects start dying, and Rachel and Magda realise the murderer is one step ahead of them, with no intention of slowing down. It's up to the two amateur sleuths to solve their first case, before someone gets away with murder…


“Bernard fills the novel with entertaining characters, conjures up an authentic Paris, and gives the reader intelligent, if frothy, fun.”

Publisher's Weekly

“DEATH IN PARIS is as luscious as a pain au chocolat served at a sidewalk cafe -- and as charming as poking through the cobblestone alleyways of the Left Bank. Bernhard's debut promises a wonderful new series set in the most beautiful city in the world.”

Juliet Blackwell, NY Times bestselling author

“A fun romp through Paris's chicest districts alongside two delightful amateur sleuths.”

M.L. Longworth, author of the Provençal Mystery series.

“Two younger, racier Miss Marples… American expats in Paris, live out their dreams with no more than the usual upset until financier Edgar Bowen drowns in his vichyssoise. It's not murder, say the police, but the wine tells a different story. A captivating cozy murder mystery with a bonus tour of everyone's favorite city.”

John Pearce, author of Treasure of Saint-Lazare

“Bernhard has crafted a delightfully atmospheric mystery, a pièce de résistance filled with the flavor of Paris, France.”

Allyson K. Abbott, author of Murder on the Rocks

“I just finished this book last night… it certainly kept me guessing… a very good book.”

Cherie Homan (Reviewer)

“A very good start for a new cozy series… The plot was sound and kept me guessing till the end.”

Anna Maria Giacomasso (Reviewer)

“I LOVED Rachel and Magda… they're amazing.”

Izabela Soares (Reviewer)

“Death in Paris by Emilia Bernhard is a captivating story…. plenty of action, suspense and thrills. I found it difficult to believe this was a first book.”

Jane Ward (Reviewer)

“First in a new series…and please keep them coming!”

Jena Henry

“Very enjoyable read! The locale descriptions and use of French words and phrases (with translations) gave this mystery another dimension.”

Sharon Tucker

“The luscious descriptions of Paris, the food, the fashions and people are so evocative, what a lovely treat...”

Hannelore Cheney

“A really fun, lighthearted mystery with enjoyable characters… an entertaining read and definitely one of the better cozy mysteries I have read.”

Katie Black

“Emilia Bernhard paints a vivid picture of the delights and day to day of Paris living with this cozy mystery. Rachel and Magda are a wonderful sleuthing duo and I enjoyed them hashing out the information about the suspects, in true Parisian fashion.”

Night Owl Reviews

Emilia Bernhard