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Gigolo: Inside the Secret World of the Super Rich

Ben Foster works double shifts for minimum wage at a care home for boys with learning disabilities. With a young wife and three children under the age of five, he is ground down by poverty and debt.

With a small inheritance from his gran, Ben qualifies as a masseur and is introduced to the mysterious 'committee' - a group of society women with one thing in common: they adore sex and don't mind paying for it.

With his dark hair, blue eyes, and robust appendage that the ladies dub Big Ben, the shy careworker is drawn into a world of private jets, Parisian sex clubs, state secrets, endless lines of cocaine and orgies in country houses with a Who's Who of celebrities, MPs and the international super rich.

Ben Foster's true life story explores the extravagance of old and new wealth in today's Britain and reveals how the super rich can find no way to relieve their boredom other than with multiple partners and through sex lives that grow ever more kinky and erotic.

As Ben's bank account swells, he acquires a taste for the good life. But what will happen when his wife discovers he has been giving more than just massages...?


“Wow! This book holds nothing back as Ben writes about his life as a masseur that ends up being paid to do more than give massages to rich women. The author was honest in how he felt about what he was doing to make money and in how it impacted his marriage. Great hot and steamy read!”

Cristie Underwood (Reviewer)

"This is a story about a massage therapist who gets in over his head with some very rich society women… You have to read this story of sex, coercion, unfaithfulness and loose morals… Great plot and writing."

Marie Angel (Reviewer)

"I read this book in one sitting and I might never look at a physiotherapist the same way… thoroughly entertaining and sexy."

Kristell Talbot (Reviewer)

"An unputdownable read."

Roman Clodia (Reviewer)

"A stunning and surreal look at class and power, this book is a revelation."

Whippet Reads

“Gigolo is an entertaining romp.”

Dave Blendell (Reviewer)

“Gigolo is a well-written memoir, exposing Ben's feelings such as how being desired by beautiful women boosted  his lacking self-esteem.  What I particularly liked is how it provides insight into London's class structure, like old money versus the Nouveau riche. I think both male and female readers will enjoy this wild ride.”

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