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In-Laws and Outlaws


Eve has an idiosyncratic relationship with the truth, is a borderline psychopath (according to her psychologist friend Claire), and has a rather colourful past. But her heart is in the right place. Having recently met Gideon everything seems, at last, to be working out rather well for her. Then he introduces her to his mother. Marjorie clearly believes that she knows what's best for her son, and it's definitely not Eve.

Over the next few months Eve struggles as Marjorie seems hell-bent on undermining her relationship with Gideon at every opportunity. Then, a chance meeting with someone very close to Marjorie confirms Eve's worst fears - there are literally no lengths to which Marjorie will not go to get Eve out of her son's life. Using her own ingenuity, and with help from some very unexpected quarters, Eve finds herself caught up in a very high stakes game indeed, in which there can be only one winner.


“So many secrets, so many characters involved, and Eve was playing them like marionettes! Great read.”

Scarlett Readz and Runz (Reviewer)

“There is so much going on in this book to keep the reader engaged. The characters are great. It is funny, fun, and just made me smile. I really enjoyed this book.”

Karen Whittard (Reviewer)

“This book was a nice surprise.”

Claire Sherman (Librarian)

“A hysterical read… Eve’s narrative digressions are pure enjoyment… will keep you in stitches. In-laws and Outlaws is the perfect diversion.”

Underrated Reads

“This was a fun read… there were many twists and turns.”

Winding Words

“Do yourself a favor and read this funny book.”


“A clever and well written book that I would highly recommend.”

Rachel Kennedy (Reviewer)

"Well written book as it had my attention to the very shocking end."

Cherie Homan (Reviewer)

"I really enjoyed Eve's character and the story was a little different to the usual. Would highly recommend."

Kerry Barlow (Reviewer)

"A perfect summer read."

Julie Parks (Reviewer)

“A shocking, hilarious romantic novel in which a young woman struggles to cope with her fiancé's hostile mother. I kept guessing at what would be Eve’s breaking point and thoroughly enjoyed the ride to the end of the book!”

Janet’s Book Corner

“Expect the unexpected! Secrets and lies are the main themes in this family drama / comedy although the comic parts are quite dark. Read it!”

Claire Ross (Reviewer)

“Well written.”

Roma Sharma (Reviewer)

“I was not expecting that ending! Wow! Great book! It made me laugh out loud and I really enjoyed it!”

Sherri Thacker (Reviewer)

“This fabulous book… I inhaled it in two days, a perfect end to my holiday!”

Chelsea Cochrane (Reviewer)

“A very entertaining book! In-Laws and Outlaws is a hilarious spiral of events, as a future daughter in-law and mother-in-law struggle over the son/groom, without his knowledge.”

Keren Krinick (Reviewer)

“A great story, I loved the fact that Eve wasn’t perfect herself, and there were plenty of twists and turns and a good ending.”

Sally Coles (Reviewer)

“All in all I think the female characters are the spirit of this book, and I was enjoying the story so much because of them. If you like to read about family drama, this book is for you.”

Bettina Bótyik (Librarian)

“I loved that this book was not only character driven, but that it kept me guessing as to what secrets would be revealed next. I highly recommend it!”

Cristie Underwood (Reviewer)

“It is very well written with a good balance and pace. There is anger and there is humor and there is love. Not a standard 'cozy mystery' and I would definitely like to read more of this author.”

Jannelies Smit (Reviewer)

“I love a book full of dysfunctional relationships and clever writing. In-Laws and Outlaws has both in spades. Marjorie is the baddest B I've had the pleasure of reading in quite awhile.”

Erudite AF

“Deceit and blackmail were the highlights of this story. Would definitely recommend this book… a light and witty family drama.”

Haja Reads

“An absolutely fantastic read, and I don’t have the words to explain how fantastic and hilarious it was! This is Kate Fulford’s authorial debut, and if this is anything to go by, I genuinely can’t wait to read anything else she comes up with. She’s so bloody good!”

Aditi Balaji (Reviewer)

Kate Fulford Buy