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23 Dec 2016: David McClure on King Charles III

An interesting new piece by David McClure in the International Business Times:

King Charles III: Is the Queen getting ready to hand over the reins to her son?

22 Dec 2016: The People's Book Prize

Two Thistle titles - David McGrath’s scintillating debut novel Rickshaw, and gripping police memoir A Life in Death - have been longlisted for The People’s Book Prize. You can vote for them here.

29 Nov 2016: David Weston in the Telegraph

David Weston has written an entertaining piece in the Telegraph, in the course of promoting his excellent new novel Luciano’s War.

Kirk Douglas vs Richard Harris: Secrets of the most bitter feud in Hollywood’s golden age

23 Nov 2016: Royal Legacy in the Daily Mirror

David McClure’s sensational book about the royal finances, Royal Legacy, featured heavily this week in an article in the Daily Mirror on the proposed Buckingham Palace repairs.

More than 100,000 sign petition calling for The Queen to pay for £369million repairs of Buckingham Palace

22 Nov 2016: Vikie Shanks in the Daily Express

The inspirational author of Unravelled, Vikie Shanks, was featured this week in the Daily Express.

Former model and single mum Vikie Shanks: Six of my seven children are autistic

21 Nov 2016: Two more bestsellers for Thistle Books

Over the weekend, two more titles published by Thistle Books reached the Amazon top 100 bestseller list: Earth: An Alien Enterprise by Timothy Good, and War Beneath the Sea by Peter Padfield (which reached the top 40).

08 Nov 2016: Chloe Banks back in Amazon bestseller list

Chloe Banks’ debut novel, The Art of Letting Go, has once again returned to the Amazon bestseller list, reaching number 39 over the weekend.

01 Nov 2016: Another great review for Patrick Garrett

Patrick Garrett’s fascinating biography of journalist Clare Hollingworth, Of Fortunes and War, has received another rave review, this time from the Literary Review:

‘The list of her assignments reads like a potted history of warfare, espionage and terrorism…she emerges in Garrett’s book as a rounded personality…The story of her life is a kaleidoscope of world events, shot through with determination and courage. It’s a great read.’

18 Oct 2016: Great review for Of Fortunes and War in The Oldie

There’s yet another terrific review for Patrick Garrett’s fascinating biography of journalist Clare Hollingworth in the current edition of The Oldie.

“All the excitement of a fast moving thriller.”

11 Oct 2016: Time Magazine covers launch of Of Fortunes and War

Patrick Garrett’s fascinating biography of journalist Clare Hollingworth continues to generate huge media interest, with a long piece in the current issue of Time Magazine.

The Correspondent Who Scooped the World

03 Oct 2016: Of Fortunes and War in The Correspondent

There’s a terrific review for Patrick Garrett’s fascinating biography of journalist Clare Hollingworth in The Correspondent.

“The story of how Clare Hollingworth achieved her great scoop, the outbreak of World War Two, during her first week as a journalist is well known, but it is always worth telling again, especially when it is done with such verve and skill as it is by Patrick Garrett.”

Full review

03 Oct 2016: The M Room featured in The Telegraph

The M Room, by historian Helen Fry, was featured in a Telegpraph article this week on the preservation of important World War Two site Trent Park.

Walls that gave up Nazi secrets to be preserved in new museum

27 Sep 2016: Theo Aronson climbs the charts

Two titles by the ever-popular royal historian Theo Aronson are currently selling well. The King in Love, the story of Edward VII’s mistresses, is currently at #12 in the Kindle bestseller list. And A Family of Kings, about the descendants of Christian IX of Denmark is also in the top 100, at #64.

22 Sep 2016: New Kindle Single from Nicholas Best

Nicholas Best’s powerful historical novella The Hangman’s Story has just been launched in the Kindle Single store - it’s currently the first book on the homepage.

The Hangman’s Story

07 Sep 2016: Two Thistle Books nominated for The People's Book Prize

Two Thistle titles have been nominated for The People’s Book Prize. If you have a moment, please do vote:

Crime Squad

The Hickory Stick

01 Sep 2016: Patrick Garrett interviewed by Deutsche Welle

There’s an interesting interview with author Patrick Garrett on his new biography of war reporter Clare Hollingworth in the Deutsche Welle this week.

“We are in the midst of an age of upheaval, marked by international crises. Does Hollingworth continue to observe these developments, despite her advanced age, and if so, how does she view them in light of her experiences?

Clare is a few weeks away from her 105th birthday, and she is now quite frail. Long ago she researched many of the themes that are only now achieving major prominence. [Republican presidential candidate] Donald Trump is suggesting that the US should abandon its NATO allies: This was an angle that Clare followed up in the 1960s. Clare was in Israel when the state was founded and all over the Middle East during World War II.

Religion-focused terrorism was a subject she wrote about and in fact was attacked for by academics. Some of her remarks have proved sadly prescient. She wrote about how effective the foot soldier could be against a superpower using the simplest tactics: We see that, too, in the Middle East. Based in China, she wrote about potential tensions in the South China Sea and Pacific long before they were daily news fodder.

As for watching today - she still likes to feel that she is part of the news world and insists on keeping her passport by her bedside and her shoes beside her bed in case she is called out to cover a story. Obviously that isn’t going to happen anymore, but it was what gave her a sense of purpose, and is perhaps one reason for her longevity.”

Full interview (in English)

26 Aug 2016: Great review for Of Fortunes and War

Patrick Garrett’s terrific new biography of journalist Clare Hollingworth, Of Fortunes and War, has received a great review in the South China Morning Post.

‘A gripping account of a restless life that also illuminates profound social changes.’

Book review: the life of Clare Hollingworth, war correspondent

16 Aug 2016: Long feature on Of Fortunes and War in the Telegraph

Patrick Garrett has written a very interesting long piece in the Telegraph on his new book Of Fortunes and War, a biography of pioneering journalist Clare Hollingworth.

How the Telegraph’s Clare Hollingworth broke the news of World War II – and saved thousands from the Nazis

10 Aug 2016: Patrick Garrett in The Courier

There’s an interesting piece in The Courier today on Patrick Garrett’s new biography of journalist Clare Hollingworth.

The Courier

05 Aug 2016: Patrick Garrett in Quartz magazine

Patrick Garrett has written a fascinating new piece for Quartz magazine, based on his new book Of Fortunes and War: Clare Hollingworth, first of the female war correspondents, published last month.

‘From the 1930s onward, veteran war correspondent Clare Hollingworth made a century-long journey from rural Leicestershire, through wars and revolutions in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, to Hong Kong in the final days of the British empire. A recently released biography of her life, by her nephew Patrick Garrett, chronicles her “uncanny Zelig-like ability to appear on the front lines of world events.”’

Inside Romania’s 1941 failed coup, with the world’s first female war correspondent

01 Aug 2016: Helen Fry documentary

Helen Fry’s documentary Spying on Hitler’s Army, based on her book The M Room, was shown this weekend on More4.

22 Jul 2016: Andrew Lownie on John Buchan

John Buchan biographer Andrew Lownie discusses the great man’s life and work in this interesting interview.

13 Jul 2016: Chloe Banks at the People's Book Awards

Congratulations to Chloe Banks, whose wonderful debut novel The Art of Letting Go was a finalist at last night’s People’s Book Awards, hosted by Frederick Forsyth.

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