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26 November 2018: Tim Tate in the Wiltshire Times

Wiltshire Times - Book is shortlisted for top award

23 November 2018: Reading Desk reviews The Tyre

“A special book that looks at life’s struggles for an “untouchable” family and how they strive to overcome discrimination and prejudices to create the best quality of life they can. Be careful, because sometimes hardship can be disguised as opportunity.”

Reading Desk

23 November 2018: Excellent interview with The Tyre authors Liz Huntley and Christian Dubois

Reading Desk

21 November 2018: Excellent new review for Three Men on Their Bikes

"What a joy it was to read."

Snow Queen

21 November 2018: Jane Dismore at the Society of Authors

Jane Dismore, author of Princess: The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II, will be a speaker at the Society of Authors Saturday Series event at Croxley Green on December 1st.

21 November 2018: Holiday SOS is a Sunday Times 'Editor's Choice'.

20 November 2018: Snow Queen reviews Sugar

“Sugar is the book for women, for grown-up women with life choices and life experiences behind us… A worthy read.”

Snow Queen

19 November 2018: Terrific Reading Desk review for A Divided Life

“What was so shocking was that the Cambridge Spies, during the 1950s, came from privileged backgrounds and this was an ideological choice.”

Reading Desk

15 November 2018: Shaun Baines in the Annandale Herald

You can read about Shaun’s recent award nomination in today’s Annandale Herald:

15 November 2018: Excellent Dear Author review for Holiday SOS

“What a hoot!”

Dear Author

14 November 2018: Waggy Tales reviews Princess

“In this book Jane Dismore speaks to some of the Queen’s closet friends and family, some of whom have never spoken out before. It gives the biography a very personal, sincere and most of all genuine account of Elizabeth’s life as a child.”

Waggy Tales

13 November 2018: Terrific review in the latest Crime Review for Blackstone Underground

“Of all the Blackstone books, I think this is my favourite, and not just because of the fascinating look beneath the streets of Georgian England."

Crime Review

12 November 2018: Six People’s Book Prize nominations for Thistle Publishing

Exciting news! Thistle Publishing has 6 nominations for the People’s Book Prize 2019, which means once again we have more nominees than any other publisher (ahead of Penguin, with 4).

Voting is open now, and remains open until 15 March. The awards dinner takes place at Stationers' Hall on 8 May.


A World in Two Minds, KW Jamieson, Shepherd-Walwyn, First Time Author

Bed 12, Alison Murdoch, Hikari Press, First Time Author

Fight of a Lifetime, Philip Watling, Mardi Books

Get Tough with Type 2 Diabetes, Craig Robinson & David Levy Hammersmith Books Limited

Grumpies on Board, Carol E. Wyer, Delancey Press

Hark! Paul Kerensa, Lion Hudson

Hope with OCP, Lynn Crilly, Hammersmith Books

How Not To Murder Your Grumpy, Carol E. Wyer, Delancey Press

How To See Nature, Paul Evans, Pavilion Books

Landscapes of the Heart, Juliet Grayson, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, First Time author

Mithras to Mormon, Philippa Bernard, Shepherd Walwyn

Princess, Jane Dismore, Thistle Publishing

Shame, Dr Burgo, Watkins Publishing

Technicolour Dreamin' in Her Fashion, Karen Moller, Olympia Publishers

The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy, Tim Tate & Brad Johnson, Thistle Publishing

The Buddha Pill, Dr M Farias & Dr C Wikholm, Watkins Publishing, First Time Authors

The Happy Commuter, Melissa Addey, Letterpress Publishing

The Hidden Girl, Marika Henriques, Shepherd Walwyn, First Time Author

The Infection Game, Sarah Myhill & Craig Robinson, Hammersmith Books Limited,

Through a Mother's Tears, Cathy Broomfield, Thistle Publishing, First Time Author


A Ladder in the Sky, John Boyne, Transworld

A Treachery of Spies, Manda Scott, Transworld

Anna Undreaming, Thomas Welsh, Owl Hollow Press. First Time Author

Bottled Goods, Sophie van Llewyn, Fairlight Books, First Time Author

Butterfly Ranch, RK Salters, Troubador, First Time Author

Closing Shop, Darren Walker, Blossom Spring Publishing, First Time Author

Dance of the Jakaranda, Peter Kimani, Saqi Books

Hookah Nights - Tales from Cairo, Anne-Marie Drosso, Darf Publications

In the Fast Lane, Lotte Moore, Hashtag Press

Ivy and Abe, Elizabeth Enfield, Michael Joseph, Penguin Random House

Karna's Wheel, Michael Tobert, John Hunt Publishers/Top Hat Books

Losing Venice, Scott Stavrou, Rogue Dog Press

Missing in Shanghai, Jean Harrod, York Authors Coffee Shop

Sins As Scarlet, Nicolas Obregon, Michael Joseph

Summer Night, Winter Moon, Jane Huxley, Delancey Press Ltd

The Brondesbury Tapestry, Helen Harris, Halban Publishers, First Time Author

The Cairo Brief, Fiona Veitch Smith, Lion Hudson

The Cup, Melissa Addey, Letterpress Publishing

The Fragant Concubine, Melissa Addey, Letterpress Publishing, First Time Author

The Poison Bed, EC Fremantle, Michael Joseph, Penguin Random House

The Scratching Post, Susan Delaney, Olympia Publishers, First Time Author

The Tyre, CJ Dubois & EC Huntley, Thistle Publishing

The Warehouse Industry, William Macbeth, Thistle Publishing First Time Author

Woodcutter, Shaun Baines, Thistle Publishing First Time Author

7 November 2018: Another excellent review for Atom Bomb to Santa Claus

“Guaranteed to entertain and enlighten, Atom Bomb to Santa Claus is an amazing chronicle of some of America's most important and imaginative creations.”

Janet’s Book Corner

5 November 2018: Vikie Shanks wins at Grierson Awards

‘Kingdom of Us', based on Vikie Shanks’ powerful memoir Unravelled,  has won Best Single Documentary at the Grierson Awards.

5 November 2018: Excellent review for Trevor Homer

“A well-done history of sorts that reflects the lighter side as well as some trivial things that made significant changes in the way we do things. Nicely done.”

Evil Cyclist

29 October 2018: Vikie Shanks’ TED Talk has now reached 50,000 views

TED: Why my autistic children don't need a "cure"

29 October 2018: Another cracking review for Death in Paris

"I absolutely loved it."

Reading, Writing, Wandering…

25 October 2018: David Haviland on BBC Sussex

Don't miss the brilliant David Haviland on the Danny Pike show this morning at 11.40am on BBC Sussex, talking about his latest book How to Remove a Brain, which has just been shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize.

24 October 2018: Excellent review for Weird War Two

“Parachuting sheep? Pilot pigeons? Rifles that fire round corners? Men who never were? You will find them all in these pages, the weird, wonderful and barely believable tales from World War Two.”

The Book Cove

22 October 2018: Jane Dismore at the Berwick Literary Festival

Jane Dismore was a speaker at the Berwick Literary Festival on Saturday, discussing her remarkable new biography of the young Queen Elizabeth - Princess.

22 October 2018: Underrated Reads reviews A Divided Life

Another excellent review for Robert Cecil's A Divided Life, many thanks to Underrated Reads.

21 October 2018: Book Cove reviews Blood Brothers

The Book Cove

18 October 2018: Five People’s Book Prize finalists for Thistle Publishing

This morning the People’s Book Prize announced its finalists for the 2019 awards, and we at Thistle are fortunate enough to have published 5 of the nominees. No other publisher has more than a single nomination. The full list of nominees is below, congratulations to our authors. The awards ceremony will take place on May 8 2019 at Stationers’ Hall.

Book Brunch


Corkscrew, Peter Stafford-Bow (Thistle)

Goodbye Burma, Jean Ellis (Fairfield Books)

Narcissism for Beginners, Martine McDonagh (Unbound)

Open My Eyes, Alice Allan (Pinter & Martin)

Salt Creek, Lucy Treloar (Gallic Books)

The Pursuit of Ordinary, Nigel Jay Cooper (Roundfire Books)


I Am Me, Sue Hampton (TSL Publications)

Orca Rising, Chris Hannon (Thistle)

Oscar the Ferry Cat, Molly Arbuthnott (Jelly Bean Books)

The Book Spy, Mark Carton (Candy Jar Books)

TJ and His Wheelable Chair, Amanda Kehoe (Austin Macauley)

Where Are You Hiding Charlie Dog, Sue Pavey (Blossom Spring)


How To Remove a Brain, David Haviland (Thistle)

Lady Sue Ryder, Tessa West (Shepheard-Walwyn)

Mapreaders and Multitaskers, Gavin Evans (Thistle)

Sex, Drugs & Asperger's Syndrome, Luke Jackson (Jessica Kingsley)

The Man Who Would Be Jack, David Bullock (Thistle)

Understanding BRCA, Clarissa Foster (Hammersmith Books)

17 October 2018: Yet another cracking review for Death in Paris

"What a charming modern-day ‘cosy’ mystery murder."

Love Books, Read Books

16 October 2018: The reviews for Death in Paris are officially 'Rave'

Literary Hub

15 October 2018: Death in Paris is “a compelling read”.

Full review

9 October 2018: Excellent review for Death in Paris

“The only thing chillier than a Parisian winter is cold-blooded murder.”

Nicki J Markus

8 October 2018: Emilia Bernhard interview

Author Interview: Emilia Bernhard of “Death in Paris”

7 October 2018: Anglophile TV interviews Jane Dismore

The Anglophile Channel

4 October 2018: Excellent review for Corkscrew

"This is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time... Excellently written and brilliantly plotted."

Kiss My Book

4 October 2018: A Divided Life reviewed

“In this perceptive biography of Donald Maclean, Robert Cecil draws on his close acquaintance with the man, first at Cambridge and then as his colleague in the Diplomatic Service, to give an insider’s view of Maclean and his circle of ideological spies: Burgess, Philby and Blunt.”

Full review

24 September 2018: Excellent Library Journal review for Death in Paris

"Readers of Joanne Fluke or those who enjoy contemporary cozy mysteries with amateur sleuths will gobble up this first in a series with two Americans in Paris as if it's an actual treat in a Paris cafe."

Library Journal

28 September 2018: Excellent review for The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade

"If you love to read a good pastiche of Sherlock Holmes, then This is The Book!"

Full review

26 September 2018: Underrated Reads reviews Gigolo

“Gigolo is a well-written memoir...  What I particularly liked is how it provides insight into London’s class structure. Male and female readers will enjoy this wild ride.”

Underrated Reads

24 September 2018: Another rave review for Death in Paris

Death in Paris is "an intriguing story... truly amazing."

Full review

21 September 2018: Terrific review for Three Men on Their Bikes

"Overall, I found this a delightful and affirming read... providing plenty of laughs."

Nicki J. Markus

20 September 2018: Chris Hannon prize nomination

Our sensational YA debut Orca Rising has been nominated for the People's Book Prize.

Worthing Herald

19 September 2018: Another terrific review for Robert Cecil's A Divided Life

"What makes this particular account of a member of the Cambridge Spy Ring so engrossing is that Robert Cecil was a personal acquaintance of the individuals involved."

Full review

17 September 2018: Great review for Sugar

“A wonderful memoir on Sugar World by Monique X.”

The Book Decoder

17 September 2018: Princess reviewed

Princess by Jane Dismore is "an informative, fascinating, engaging, insightful and spectacular biography on the early life of Queen Elizabeth II. Five stars."

The Book Decoder

16 September 2018: Excellent review for Death in Paris

“Death in Paris takes you on a nail-biting adventure through the streets of Paris.”

The Book Decoder

14 September 2018: The Reading Desk praises Corkscrew

“A brilliantly funny entertaining novel that is a lighthearted romp around the world of wine, women and ambition.”

The Reading Desk

12 September 2018: Booklist reviews Death in Paris

An excellent Booklist review for Death in Paris:

"This tres charmant debut... Fans of cozies and the City of Lights, or drawn to the theme of female friendship, will eagerly await an encore."

12 September 2018: How to Remove a Brain is #1

David Haviland’s collection of amusing medical trivia How to Remove a Brain is currently #1 in  Curiosities, Imponderables & Wonders.

11 September 2018: New book trailer for Orca Rising

Trailer (video)

9 September 2018: Vikie Shanks in the Evening Standard

World Suicide Prevention Day: Father-of-seven’s family open up about dad’s heart-breaking suicide

7 September 2018: Jane Dismore’s Princess reviewed

"A rich, extensively researched memoir on the early years of Princess Elizabeth... a refreshingly new perspective."

La Biblio de Caro

6 September 2018: More excellent reviews for Weird War Two

"If you are a WWII buff and love your history with a touch of humour and quirkiness, then this is for you."

Melisende’s Library

"Weird War 2 is an informative, fascinating, hilarious and brilliant book on World War 2."

The Book Decoder

"A perfect book for dipping in and out of... this is highly recommended."

Crime Novel Reader

5 September 2018: An excellent review for Robert Cecil's biography of Donald MacLean, A Divided Life

“The author’s relationship with MacLean creates a warmer biography of a human and not an ideologue. The writing seems fair and without apology, but it explains some of the why, and how someone from a well-off background would leave it behind for a system the only nominally supported his political views.”

Evil Cyclist

3 September 2018: Weird War Two reviewed

“If you love titbits of information you’ll love this book.”

The Reading Desk

2 September 2018: Peter Stafford-Bow at Ryedale Book Fest

“On 22nd September join Peter Stafford-Bow, author and former wine executive, who will be reading from his recently-published novel 'Corkscrew: the highly improbable, but occasionally true, tale of a professional wine seller.”

Ryedale Book Festival

30 August 2018: Publishers Weekly reviews Death in Paris

“Bernhard fills the novel with entertaining characters, conjures up an authentic Paris, and gives the reader intelligent, if frothy, fun.”

Publishers Weekly

30 August 2018: Gigolo review

Gigolo is... “A stunning and surreal look at class and power, this book is a revelation.”

Whippet Reads

29 August 2018: Peter Stafford-Bow radio interview

Peter will be interviewed on the TRE Bookshow this evening at 7pm CET.

29 August 2018: Excellent review for Robert Cecil’s A Divided Life

A Divided Life is "Very readable, and well written, and backed up by a considerable bibliography."

Full Review

29 August 2018: Five-star review for Woodcutter

"So many times I finished a chapter open-mouthed or gasped in shock."

Full review

28 August 2018: Book Group questions for The Tyre

Book group questions for "The Tyre" are now downloadable at this link.

28 August 2018: Another great review for Death in Paris

"A lovely little murder mystery that kept me guessing right to the end."

EJ Library

24 August 2018: Another fabulous review for Death in Paris

"There are so many things I love about this book... this utterly charming, well-paced novel."

Stop and Smell the Pages

24 August 2018: Another good review for Weird War Two

"A fun look at out of the box thinking that accompanied WWII and the desire for a technological edge."

Evil Cyclist

23 August 2018: Through A Mother’s Tears reviewed

Waggy Tales

23 August 2018: Another excellent review for The Filth

"A very enjoyable and informative read."


22 August 2018: The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade reviewed

"If you love to read a good pastiche of Sherlock Holmes, then this is the book!"

My Tiny Bookshelf

21 August 2018: The Tyre in the English Language Gazette

The Tyre has a double-page spread in the current edition of the English Language Gazette.

English Language Gazette

21 August 2018: The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade reviewed

"I feel utterly satisfied on many levels by this wonderful book – it took me less than a day to race through it!"

Stop and Smell the Pages

19 August 2018: Books in My Handbag reviews The Tyre

“It’s like Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, with the same power of observation and imagination... enjoy the lovely phrases, the richly -crafted characters, and the culture of India.”

Books in My Handbag

17 August 2018: Another terrific review for Cathy Broomfield's powerful memoir

"Through a Mothers Tears is the kind of story that stays with you..."

Life at 17

15 August 2018: An excellent Norwegian review for Jack Was Here

"A book you can hardly stop reading."

Not Just Pancakes (Norwegian)

15 August 2018: Vikie Shanks is invited to join Global Resilience Project

Here is Vikie’s interview with Emma Bell who initiated the project in order to help people build more resilience themselves:

Thriving Through Adversity

14 August 2018: Two Thistle reviews for Breakaway Reviewers

Breakaway Reviewers has published two new reviews of Thistle titles: The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy, and Voices of the Foreign Legion.

14 August 2018: Great review for Three Men on Their Bikes

"The book is a delightful read."

My Tiny Bookshelf

14 August 2018: First Norwegian review for The Tyre

Not Just Pancakes (Norwegian)

14 August 2018: Publishers Weekly reviews Voices of the Foreign Legion.

‘Voices of the Foreign Legion is a profound, life-changing experience.’

Publishers Weekly

13 August 2018: An excellent review for Voices of the Foreign Legion.

Fiction of Relations

9 August 2018: Jane Dismore reviewed

Yet another excellent review for  Jane Dismore's new biography of The Queen, 'Princess'.

All Sorts of Books

9 August 2018: Vikie Shanks on Autism

Vikie Shanks has written a very interesting article on Autism.

Do you have to be autistic to understand autism?

8 August 2018: Peter Stafford-Bow will be appearing at the Ryedale Book Festival on September 22.

Tickets are now available.

Ryedale Book Festival

7 August 2018: Not the Booker Prize

The Warehouse Industry has received some glowing comments from the judges of the Not the Booker Prize:

“Tragic and hilarious, as the best novels should be.”

Sam Jordison

6 August 2018: Writers of Colour reviews Voices of the Foreign Legion

Writers of Colour

2 August 2018: Stop and Smell the Pages reviews Corkscrew

“This particular novel kept me engaged from absurd beginning to topsy-turvy end."

Stop and Smell the Pages

31 July 2018: Blackstone in Crime Review

“If you fancy a Georgian crime romp, get your hands on Beau Blackstone by Richard Falkirk.”

Crime Review

31 July 2018: Matt Stanley reviewed

Another rave review for Matt Stanley's A Collar For Cerberus...

"The writing was brilliant... each sentence was a delight."

Jill Elizabeth

31 July 2018: The Literate Quilter reviews A Collar for Cerberus

"The plot may deal with death and big choices, but the distillation of the novel is joy."

Full review

30 July 2018: The Warehouse Industry prize nomination

We’re delighted to see The Warehouse Industry has been nominated for the Guardian’s Not the Booker prize. Thoroughly deserved for a hilarious, brilliant debut novel.

Not the Booker

30 July 2018: Excellent review for Woodcutter

“This is a cracking story… totally entertained me from the first page to the last. Super debut!”

From Dusk Till Dawn

25 July 2018: More excellent reviews for The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

Jill Elizabeth

All the Books Blog

28 July 2018: Another rave for A Collar for Cerberus

"An amazing read and journey for all who might be interested."

Adventures in Lit

26 July 2018: Vikie Shanks interview

Vikie Shanks has given a powerful, moving interview to Headtalk News.

26 July 2018: Chris Bardsley on Coffee Chats

Chris Bardsley, author of Jack Was Here, was interviewed this week on the fantastic Coffee Chats podcast.

25 July 2018: Five Days That Shocked the World in the latest Crime Review

“Five Days That Shocked the World by Nicholas Best focuses on April and May 1945, but is essential reading as a background to current events.”

Crime Review

25 July 2018: Secret Sommelier reviews Corkscrew

“Corkscrew ... will make you laugh, yearn and feel intoxicatingly virile...”

Secret Sommelier

23 July 2018: A terrific review for Beau Blackstone in the latest Crime Review

"I was fascinated by the background, intrigued by the plot, engaged by the characters and thoroughly enjoyed this latest Georgian crime romp."

Crime Review