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Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince

Sholto Lestrade had never smelled the tangle o’ the Isles before Arthur, Duke of Connaught, put him on the trail to the Highlands. Murder is afoot among the footmen of the Royal Household – a servant girl has been brutally slaughtered.

Ineptly disguised as a schoolmaster in his bowler and Donegal, the intrepid Superintendent is impelled by a villainous web of conspiracy to the Isle of Skye by way of Balmoral.

With the skirl of pipes in his ears, and more than a dram of a certain medicinal compound inside him, Lestrade, following baffling clues, takes the low road alone, save for the mysterious Alistair Sphagnum, in his twin-engined boneshaker. Narrowly escaping the inferno of Room Thirteen in the North British Hotel, Lestrade falls foul of the McNab Of That Ilk and the Mackinnon Of That Ilk and plays a very odd game of ‘Find the Lady’ in Glamis Castle.

Coming from Scotland Yard is no help at all to a Sassenach in trews and everyone is convinced it’s a job for the Leith Police. Threatened by ghoulies, ghosties and wee, sleekit beasties, Lestrade hears things go bump in the night before solving the case.


‘A wildly entertaining narrative… that proves emphatically that crime and comedy can mix.’ - Manchester Evening News

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