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The Blind Side of Eden: The Sexes in Perspective

Written at a time when some influential feminists had urged excluding men from the cause, The Blind Side of Eden argued persuasively against this.

Using sources as far back as Biblical texts, and supported by original interviews, Carol Lee's classic work described The Battle of the Sexes as a phoney war.

She tackled, instead, 'the sexes in perspective', bringing male viewpoints into feminist arguments.

Unravelling the idea of women and men as opposites living planets apart, it was an 'own goal', she stated, for feminists to ban from their ranks a vast number of potential recruits - men.

One of the first books to bring central feminist concerns into the realm of human rights, Lee writes: 'The blind side of Eden is a place where north/south, east/west, white/black, male/female and culture/nature are divided.'

She demonstrates that systems of control like religious myths and ultra right-wing politics are the real culprits of a segregated world.


‘The Blind Side of Eden should be read by everybody.’

Nigella Lawson

‘Hard-hitting... determinedly down to earth and irresistibly humorous.’

Janet Barron, New Statesman

‘The Blind Side of Eden is bound to cause waves, not least because of its passionate fluency... It is a stimulating argument’

Libby Purves, The Times

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