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The Ninth Circle

Captain Cal Winter, MC - disgraced Iraq veteran, recovering addict and reluctant assassin. Blackmailed into service for a shadowy private army, Cal’s bloody past catches up with him when he is assigned to protect a Russian oligarch.

Sergei Belov, multi-millionaire patron to a controversial internet whistle-blower, has access to secrets that the Russian FSB wants. The streets of London explode into violence when Cal hunts down the assassins, proving that the best form of defence is attack.

Cal’s rag-tag team of veterans enlist the help of a Russian intelligence officer, tracking the Russian mafia gang supporting the clandestine FSB operation and a bizarre cult of Dante-quoting dispossessed, who are also seeking to murder Belov.

The trail leads to a shattered nuclear reactor in Tatarstan and a web of treachery, spun in the dying days of Communism.

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