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Rasputin: The Untold Story

An entirely original account of the life of Gregory Rasputin that goes beyond legend, myth and misunderstanding to reveal the tragedy of the peasant who befriended the Tsar and the Empress, healed their son, and helped to bring down the Russian Empire.

In Fuhrmann’s skilled hands, Rasputin becomes a vital and exciting human being, not just a symbol of dissolution and sexual excess. The author considers a number of fundamental questions:

• How did Rasputin heal the Tsarevich’s bouts of haemophilia?

• What were his mysterious religious teachings?

• How great was his power in the Russian state?

• What was the secret of his appeal to women?

• Were foreign agents involved in his murder?

Fuhrmann also lays to rest an old question that still fascinates many people: Does Rasputin’s murder suggest that his mystical powers included some mysterious ability to resist death? No one intrigued by the last years of Imperial Russia will want to miss this book.


"This vivid, briskly written biography brings to life one of the most colorful and sinister figures in modern Russian history."

Publishers Weekly

"A vivid if not lurid portrayal."

Boston Globe

"Extremely well written, concise, and as promised in the foreword, he leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions."

Alexander Palace Forum

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