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Operation Damocles: Israel's Secret War Against Hitler's Scientists 1951-1967

From 1951 to 1967 Egypt pursued a secret programme to build military rockets that could have conceivably posed a threat to neighbouring Israel. Because such an ambitious project required Western expertise, the Egyptian leader President Nasser hired West German scientists, many of them veterans of the Nazi rocket programmes at Peenemünde and elsewhere.

These covert plans soon came to the attention of Israel’s legendary secret service, Mossad, and caused deep alarm in Tel Aviv. Would Israel fall under the shadow of long-range missiles held by a ruler who had sworn to destroy the Jewish state? Could the missiles be fitted with warheads filled with radiological, chemical, or even nuclear materials? Israel responded by using threats, intimidation, and brutal assassination squads to deter the German scientists from working on Nasser’s behalf.

This book tells the gripping story of the mysterious arms dealers, scientists and Mossad assassins who all played their part in Operation Damocles.

Reviews for Roger Howard’s The Arctic Gold Rush:

"Howard's book stands out as a model of objectivity and dispassionate analysis in a publishing world where there is far too much sensationalism on such subjects" - The Tablet

"A rewarding read... an interesting and unexpected analysis" - Publisher's Weekly

"Meticulous detail... an excellent book of reference with a wealth of factual detail" - Morning Star

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