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Kissing Frogs

Every woman wants to meet her very own Prince Charming - doesn’t she?

When Luc James heads for a holiday in the Greek Islands with her best friend Ella, all she expects to bring home is a suntan. Little does she know that she’ll end up feeling unwanted and abandoned as Ella sails off over the horizon with a gorgeous Frenchman.

When the impossibly glamorous Lorenzo arrives, Luc’s life is transformed and she finds herself crossing Europe with a sugar-mouse pink hatbox. But as her fairytale romance leads to the sacrifice of years of friendship, is Luc going to get her happily ever after?

A story of love and friendship, Kissing Frogs shows that sometimes you have to be your own Fairy Godmother.


'A wickedly funny and light-hearted modern day Cinderella story'


'Unusually well-written'


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