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Warlords: An Extraordinary Re-creation of World War II Through the Eyes and Minds of Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin

WARLORDS recreates in forensic and gripping detail the extraordinary mind games between Churchill, Hitler, Stalin and Roosevelt as World War Two unfolded day by day.

Why did Hitler make a deal in August 1939 with his sworn enemy Stalin? Was it always his intention to double-cross the Russian? Or was Operation Barbarossa forced on Hitler because he’d failed to bring Churchill to heel? What was going on in Roosevelt’s mind as Churchill stood alone against Hitler? Did he always intend to bring America into the war, as Churchill pleaded with him to do? Or was his real plan for Britain to do the fighting, backed by American money – a plan that was disrupted only by Pearl Harbour?

And in the war’s endgame, did the two great leaders of the West failed to understand Stalin’s intentions; or did they have no choice but to concede half of Europe to him?


“Gripping, innovative and perceptive… It reads like a thriller but it is also a scholarly, impeccably researched piece of work… superlative.” - Tribune

“Fascinating insights into the minds of these titans.” - Daily Mail

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