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Maxwell's Curse

Maxwell’s Millennium is not quite like other people’s – for a start, it is a year later. After much quibbling with the maths department, everyone calls it an honourable draw and he celebrates as only he can: with his cat, his model soldiers, and his Southern Comfort.

A knock on the door could be Jacquie Carpenter, released from night shift earlier than expected, but instead of a warm girl Maxwell opens his door to find a very cold old lady, dead, and naked to the frosty sky.

As a historian, Maxwell always keeps an open mind, but it needs to be even more open than usual as he faces satanic abuse allegations, rituals, and the classic witch’s cottage in the woods. The Devil is loose in Leighford – or at least, someone is trying to make it look as though he is. The answer, though more prosaic, is still enough to chill Maxwell’s spine.


‘Trow’s teacher with a taste for history and Southern Comfort cries out for TV treatment. Trow’s touch has never been surer. Refreshing as ever, the characters simply leap off the page.’

Yorkshire Evening Post

 'The most sardonic wit in current crime fiction . . . One reads Trow's books for the brilliance of his writing' (Birmingham Post on MAXWELL'S RIDE)

'A refreshingly orginal protagonist with a modus operandi that shakes off the Holmesian legacy . . . Highly readable' (The Times)

'Trow is a consummate plotter, not afraid to tread new ground, and his Maxwell stories exude compassion and wit in equal measure' (Yorkshire Post)

'Trow's skill at spinning mysteries a twist further than expected keeps him at the top of the form' (Sunday Telegraph)

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