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Maxwell's Reunion

Unbelievable as it seems to all the Old Boys, Maxwell’s school is about to be turned into a conference centre – Halliards is to be no more. Some of his schoolfellows can’t let the moment pass and so they gather together, the Year of Mind Your Own Business to say goodbye for ever.

But some of the goodbyes are more permanent than others, particularly when one of their number is found hanging from the bell rope in the abandoned buildings.

The years since A-Levels have gathered a lot of baggage for them all and wives, lovers, secret lives are all exposed to the bright light of the police when the investigation gets underway. Luvvie actors, cult members, barristers and teachers they all may be, but Old Hallardians never die... except that they do, one by one, until Maxwell is fighting for his life. Can even Jacquie save him this time?


‘Maxwell... is a splendidly original spin on that old English favourite, the amateur detective.’

Sunday Mercury

 'A refreshingly original protagonist . . . Highly readable' The Times (MAXWELL'S WAR)

Praise for the Maxwell series:

'The most sardonic wit in current crime fiction . . . One reads Trow's books for the brilliance of his writing' Birmingham Post (MAXWELL'S CURSE)

'Trow's touch has never been surer. Refreshing as ever, the characters simply leap off the page' Yorkshire Post (MAXWELL'S WAR)

'An impressive mix of humour, sadness and suspense, this is gripping to the very end' Mail on Sunday (MAXWELL'S MOVIE)

'Trow is a consummate plotter, not afraid to tread new ground, and his Maxwell stories exude compassion and wit in equal measure' Yorkshire Post (MAXWELL'S MOVIE)

An engrossing story (The North Wales Chronicle 2002-07-25)

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