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Muddle Your Way Through Being a Grandparent

Aimed at today’s generation of grandparents who refuse to be treated as befuddled old dears, this award-worthy book will take you through a hilarious series of scientifically questionable quizzes, flowcharts, role-playing exercises, checklists and celebrity advice.

Worried you might not be a competent gran or gramps? Well, don’t panic! Yet. This will arm you with the essential tips and tricks the so-called experts don’t dare to tell you.

Find out:

• What to do if your grandchild is ugly.

• Ways to inform your daughter she’s a hopeless mum.

• Which illnesses to fake to get out of babysitting.

• Simple ways to make your war stories more exciting.

• What happens when grannies go evil.

• How to spot if you’re losing your memory.

Of course, you could read a normal book on grandparenting, full of nice, fluffy ways to bond with your grandchild and Oprah-inspired guff on modern child-rearing. Yes, it might make you a better grandparent. But at what cost?

Your children have an agenda here, and you need to understand what it is. Even now, they are plotting ways to exploit your energy, money and digestive biscuits.

With this book, the fight back begins . . .

Praise for 'Muddle Your Way Through Fatherhood':

“A witty, must-read book for both men on the verge of becoming a dad or knee deep in kids already. It will have both mums and dads laughing out loud.” -

“Rude, crude and perfect for all dads to be… Hilarious!” - Practical Parenting

“Comedic genius - the best parenting book I've read. Bypass the yawnsville factual books and get this one. Honestly, I really loved it and it’s the one I'm going to buy for Dads to be in future. It's pants-pissingly funny (a rating that should be available on Amazon and The Book Depository), but it's also true. Facts are offered up with maximum wit and sarcasm as well as real advice on how to handle situations without group hugs and over-emoting. I'm definitely keeping this book on hand. Muddle Your Way Through Fatherhood covers how real people handle parenting's tricky situations. Not how Super Nanny and Dr Phil would handle them were they to mate and produce a golden child. And if the Dad in your life isn't quite cutting it, get him a copy too so that he may brush up on his fathering (and husbanding) skills. It's bloody hilarious and very clever.” -

“The book dads across the world have been waiting for all their lives, letting you in on the insider secrets the so-called ‘real’ parenting books don’t dare tell you. It will arm you with all the tips, cheats and excuses you’re going to need!” - MADE Magazine

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