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The Third Betrayal


The new master of the espionage novel probes a tantalizing secret.

In 1973, Sir Jack Carteret, Director-General of MI5, is buried in a lonely Somerset graveyard. Was he the traitor who laid bare his nation’s secrets to the Soviet Union? Or is there, as many believe, an agent or ring of agents still in place, silently revealing all to our deadliest enemy?

Thirteen years later, fear and suspicion are destroying British intelligence – and our vital ally the United States no longer trusts us. David Nairn of the Secret Intelligence Service is desperate to untangle the web of deception, violence and blackmail woven in Moscow forty years ago. Suddenly the defection of a young East German scientist could lead to the vital breakthrough – but first they must turn his mother, the elusive Sonia, a top ranking Soviet spy who ran Klaus Fuchs and the other atom bomb spies in the War, who is believed to have controlled the Fifth Man - and whose loyalty to Moscow is utterly unassailable. Nairn knows he must risk everything, including Sarah Cable’s life, to expose the most dangerous mole of all time.


“Very impressive - for devious depth this one beats the band.” - THE OBSERVER

"Criss-crossed with treachery - a winner." - SUNDAY TIMES

“Hartland paints an intriguing portrait and creates convincing characters whose fate will hold readers spellbound. A nail-biting tale – it all rings true.” - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“There is a test for good spy story – is the plot credible and are the characters real people? Michael Hartland’s The Third Betrayal gets full marks on both counts. If somebody told me it was all true, I would believe it.” - TED ALLBEURY

“Booby-trapped with surprises – the ring of truth all the way.” - CHICAGO TRIBUNE

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