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Who Dares Wins in Business

Who Dares Wins in Business is much more than a military analogy in the tradition of Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan, Sun Tzu and the rest. This is a book by a person who served as a captain in the regular SAS before pursuing a business career that has spanned multiple sectors and markets over two decades.

Using concrete research and a refreshing absence of theory and hyperbole, Joff Sharpe’s approach is illustrated with stories and case studies from the SAS and a wide range of businesses.

Amusing, informative, and occasionally shocking, this is a book for the executive who is willing to take a more courageous approach.


‘A good read. Sharpe has certainly done his homework, and generated lots of interesting, relevant facts and stories from both military and corresponding business situations.’

Ben Legg, CEO - AdKnowledge

‘In an era when the hard won lessons of military operations are seldom transferred first hand to the commercial battle-ground, Sharpe offers a unique and grounded military ‘phronesis’ examining the virtues of courage and resilience. A must read.’

Dr. Bryan Watters OBE, Professor of Leadership - Cranfield University

‘His book is one I regard very highly for business leadership.’

Robert Swan, the first man to walk to both the North and South poles.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I recommend it to aspiring entrepreneurs, business school graduates and people in a leadership position looking to improve or upgrade their managerial skills."

Bimal Patel (Reviewer)

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