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Down Among the Dead Men

NEPAL, 1978

High in the Himalayas, a renegade Chinese agent is brutally murdered while trying to reach the British Embassy in Kathmandu. A Triad revenge killing? Or does the mutilated corpse point to sinister espionage activity that might set the powder-keg of South East Asia ablaze? SIS China-watcher David Nairn sends vulnerable Ruth Ash to investigate. In Hong Kong she mistrusts the loyalty of station chief Benjamin Foo. But, threatened by danger at every turn, Ruth uncovers an ugly trail of deception and violence snaking back through fifty war-torn years - and forward to the most terrifying clash yet between China and the enemies at her gates . . .

Hurtling from Hong Kong and Bangkok to London and Vienna, DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN is the spectacular debut of a major international thriller writer – and a sensational novel of action and betrayal.


"A dazzling first novel... Hartland joins le Carré and Deighton as a master hand." - Best Sellers

"A wealth of intrigue... keeps you guessing to the end and entertained all the way there." - Columbus Dispatch

"A book as current as today's headlines... rich, well-paced cat-and-mouse novel, authentic in detail, well-grounded in historical fact." - Baltimore Evening Sun

"As complex as a Chinese puzzle." - Los Angeles Times

"Suspense builds from start to finish... the author will rank alongside Le Carré, Deighton and Follett!" - WEST COAST REVIEW OF BOOKS

"Booby-trapped with surprises... the ring of truth all the way!" - CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"Cleverly plotted and impressive." - THE GUARDIAN

“Fine first novel . . . sinuously sinister.” - THE SCOTSMAN

“Superbly captured exotic Far East backgrounds and an array of spooks who seem very real indeed – a cracking debut.” - YORKSHIRE POST

“A rich variety of credible characters, a plot that really hums along and descriptions of far away places that make you reach for travel brochures. All the signs of a future winner.” - TED ALLBEURY

"Mr Hartland weaves a fascinating plot that kept me guessing to the very last page." - CLIVE EGLETON

“Such an interesting story. Five stars.”


“Fantastic read with many twists and turns. Very readable and highly recommended.”

Felicity Kemp – Reviewer

“I was captivated… It’s clear the author really has a good grasp of espionage.”

Cindy Lauren - Media

“An amazing tale… you just know you're in for a spectacular read.”

Tracy Shephard - Reviewer

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