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George Fox and the Children of the Light


But against this background cacophony a firm, pure voice spoke out, denouncing the ostentations of the rich, and the stranglehold of the Church on people’s lives, declaring that every person could communicate directly with God.

George Fox travelled the land sharing his testimony and with a group of close companions founded the Religious Society of Friends, more commonly known as the Quakers, who would renounce war and reach out to ‘that of God’ in everyone.

Fox’s preaching style was often uncompromising, but in his Journal – edited and introduced by Jonathan Fryer, along with a selection of Fox’s Epistles – the reader gets a strong sense of the passion and fortitude of a remarkable man struggling against the odds to get his message heard in a society that had little tolerance of dissent.


“Jonathan Fryer has skilfully edited this version, with a useful introduction, so that Fox springs from the page.”

Church Times

“George Fox and the Children of the Light is valuable as an illustration of the amazing religious ferment of the mid seventeenth century, when preachers like George Fox could attract huge crowds in market places and churchyards.”

The Tablet

“The quality of Fox’s spiritual counsel shines through. Jonathan Fryer’s Introduction races along, mostly painting in useful historical background.”

The Friend

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