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Don't Buy It!: The tricks and traps salespeople use and how to beat them

It has been estimated that on average we see about 300 adverts a day and are exposed to over 2,000 more sales messages. Most of these, we ignore. But more often than most of us realise, and certainly more frequently than we would like to admit, we are seduced by skillful sales techniques into buying things we had not intended to buy or into paying much more that we should have paid.

Could you have fallen victim to the nodding donkey, the puppy-dog, bait and switch, the slash-and-grab, SSI, auction fever, the valley of death, the khazi close, the yes-yes or any of a hundred other secret sales techniques?

After reading this book, you will be better prepared. So the next time you’re faced with the boomerang, the sneer, the scarcity sell, the sandwich or even just some simple mirroring and matching, you’ll know what’s happening and be equipped to deal with it.


Praise for Squandered:

“This is a terrifying book, but a brilliant and necessary one…Please read it.” Daily Telegraph

“The most illuminating political book to date this year.” Evening Standard

“Impossible to read without becoming angry.” New Statesman

David Craig Buy