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Encounter in Rendlesham Forest

Over a series of three nights in December 1980 an extraordinary series of UFO incidents took place in Rendlesham Forest in the UK, next to two United States Air Force bases. This was not some vague sighting of lights in the sky, but a controlled landing and take-off. The UFO was tracked on military radar and left physical evidence at the landing site, including damage and scorch marks on the trees, indentations in the frozen ground, and abnormally high levels of radiation.

The UFO was seen by dozens of military witnesses, including the Deputy Base Commander. The object fired light beams at some of the men and, later, into the Weapons Storage Area, where some military personnel based there at the time allege that nuclear weapons were kept.

Encounter in Rendlesham Forest tells the extraordinary story of the world’s most compelling and best-evidenced UFO incident – a case that is more significant than the infamous Roswell Incident. Co-written by former UK government UFO investigator Nick Pope, with John Burroughs and Jim Penniston, the two military witnesses at the heart of these encounters, this disturbing and compelling book tells the inside story of what really happened, and lifts the lid on the true role played by government, the military and the intelligence community in relation to the UFO phenomenon.

This controversial new book is largely based on recently declassified government files and is the only UFO book ever to have needed security clearance from both the British and American governments. Encounter in Rendlesham Forest will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the UFO mystery.


"Full of paranoia about the government - not all of it, or even most of it, unwarranted." - The Washington Post

‘Pope’s questions and detailed evidence certainly give readers on both sides of the UFO debate plenty to chew on.’

Publishers Weekly

‘Read this book and you will be convinced that we are not alone in the Cosmos. It will open your mind to ‘the broader reality’ that holds so much promise if we only embrace it positively.’

Paul T. Hellyer, Former Defence Minister of Canada

‘This work is a vitally important addition to the growing acceptance of UFO visitations to Earth.'

Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D., Apollo 14 Lunar Module Pilot

‘This is probably the most well-documented UFO incident ever. Author Nick Pope had full cooperation from two of the main eye-witnesses and also gathered a lot of previously unseen material through the Freedom of Information Act. This is a well-researched, well-written, fascinating explication of the events.’

San Francisco Book Review

“[At first I thought] there is nothing new to learn in this book. Boy, was I ever wrong! There was much more to be learned and it is pretty amazing. The book held my attention from the beginning to end. Nick Pope along with John Burroughs and Jim Penniston did an excellent job of presenting this story.  Thank you Thistle Publishing, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”

Pat Wardle – Reviewer

“This riveting read is written in a factual and sometimes humorous way while divulging as much information as the writers are allowed to considering the ties to their former government employer… Fascinating.”

Ivory Castle

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