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Lestrade and the Giant Rat of Sumatra

Everybody, they say, has a book in them. Retired Chief Inspector Walter Dew certainly did. And it took him back to the good old days, when coppers lived in station houses, that nice Mr Campbell-Bannerman was at Number Ten, and Britain had the biggest empire in the world. But, under the streets of London, something stirred. More than that, there was a muttering that grew to a grumbling and the grumbling grew to a mighty rumbling. Then out of the houses, the bodies came tumbling!

Superintendent Sholto Lestrade, with Dew by his side and the rookies Bang and Olufsen in his wake, must go Below to face their demons, to find a murderer whose machinations will upset the infrastructure of the richest city on earth. Will any of them live to tell Dew’s tale? The tale of a rat.

M J Trow has written this seventeenth in the Lestrade series after a gap of seventeen years, in which the sallow-faced superintendent has never been far from his thoughts. With characters such as Sergeant Bill ‘Wall’ Pepper and Inspector ‘Blabber’ Pearson of the Press Liaison Department sprinkled throughout, this genuine puzzle is also features as ever the wry humour and laugh out loud moments which fans of the accident-prone policeman have come to love.


Praise for Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus…

‘A wildly entertaining narrative that takes in such diverse historical events as riots in Cairo and, most aptly, Bolton Wanderers’ Cup Final appearance at Wembley. M J Trow proves emphatically that crime and comedy can mix.’

Val McDermid

“This is a clever crime mystery... well plotted and very funny. Not just humour in the story but laugh out loud moments and many a delightful play on words too... ‘the Schindler lift’ for one.”

Jane Norriss (Reviewer)

“The quirky humor steals the show! I love the author's style of writing. A must-read for all those who love to have a good laugh and love a good detective story!”

My Tiny Bookshelf

"Funny and erudite as one would expect from M. J. Trow… Readers who love historical mysteries spiced with wit, and larded with references to contemporary events and real characters, will enjoy this hugely."

Eric Bruce (Reviewer)

"Trow has managed to create something fresh and utterly unique. The book manages to balance the sensibilities of Masterpiece theater with lovable characters that will endear themselves to all readers."

Christopher Havens (Educator)

"If you like historical detective stories, with memorable leads, reminiscent of Hercule Poirot, and droll wit, set in a well-described London, you will enjoy this book."

Jena Henry

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