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Ludwig - The Beethoven Conspiracy

“Do you know Beethoven?”

In a peasant's cottage outside Vienna an old woman asks this bizarre question, then presents a man with a parcel.

The man is Michael, former Special Forces commander who has seen action in Indo-China and led covert operations for the CIA in Central America. A tough idealist, Michael turns his back on the glamorous world of the American Samurai when he realizes how corrupt the cause to which he pledged his life has become and how powerless he is to change things.

Disillusioned, cynical, and consumed with rage, he travels to Europe as a newspaper reporter. What he does not know, until he is handed the parcel while on assignment for a London paper, is that he is about to do battle with an inner force far greater than any he encountered in the killing fields…


“Giddy stuff, well marshalled with a kind of ingenuous passion for ultimates and the welfare of the planet.” OBSERVER

“Ludwig compellingly blends mystery, biography, the supernatural, environmental concern and a passion for Beethoven.” SUNDAY EXPRESS

“Ludwig is a very clever thriller about unseen puppet masters and secret societies not unlike Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum.” YOU MAGAZINE

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