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A Bride for Sunil


Victoria Standford is a poor but beautiful Anglo-Indian girl who has been dealt a poor hand in life. Her impulsive decisions have left her pregnant, the feckless English father of her child long gone.

She meets Sunil Roy Choudhury, a young and attractive Bengali businessman. They meet by chance and though he is in India to take part in an arranged marriage, the love affair between them is gentle and meaningful.

Sunil is in India to take part in what appears to be a lucrative arranged marriage, which fails disastrously, as he is faced with charges of impotence. Although Sunil has troubles of his own, Victoria - now in dire circumstances - appeals to him for help.

Sunil agrees to take Victoria on as an employee in London, hoping she will become his mistress, despite his impending second marriage. Victoria learns that Sunil is prepared to do almost anything to obtain real wealth.

There are troubled times ahead for both Sunil and Vicki, as they face fraught family relationships, and the threat of murder…


‘An intriguing tale set in India.’

Evening Telegraph

‘Joyce is not only that rare thing, a 'natural' story teller whose novels glow with colour and emotion, she is also a deft craft worker. She writes with such finesse that the reader is drawn ever deeper into her world and is compelled to turn the page. Her every story is a superb read.’

Dr John Yeoman, PhD Creative Writing

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