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Raise Your Grade: The Ultimate Revision Guide for GCSE and A-Level Exams

Here at last is the complete guide to how to revise, in a lively and engaging walkthrough style. It will give students a practical, step-by-step, framework for revision:

PUMP: Plan, Understand, Memorise, Practise.

Written with GCSE and A-Level students in mind, Raise Your Grade will enable all students in all subjects, at all levels of study, to revise smarter and get the grades they want.

In designing the unique methodology in Raise Your Grade, Dr. Denise Gossage seamlessly pulls together learning from three sources of expertise:

1. 25 of the UK’s most successful revisers: A-grade achievers, who had just taken a place at Oxford University.

2. A full review of everything science has to say about revision, learning and memory.

3. The latest insider knowledge from the exam-setters and markers themselves.

Clear, practical and actionable, Raise Your Grade spells out exam preparation for students like no other revision guide.

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