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Under a Croatian Sun

A London art dealer and his wife, tired of the stress and turmoil of metropolitan life, discover the idyllic island of Vis.

Impulsively they sell their home and business, say farewell to their adult children and move to the island, but being the first foreigners to live on the island, the close-knit community is highly suspicious of them.

The book charts their attempts to gain acceptance and the many rebuffs that they suffer. Their efforts often land them in very awkward (and sometimes hilarious) situations, but they persist and find themselves caught up in the bitter rivalries, love affairs and family dramas of the village.

Through this they learn a lot about the islanders’ attitude to marriage, morality, health and death, and the effect that communism has had on everyone’s lives.


‘Looking for a good holiday read try Under a Croatian Sun. A story about cultural difference and acceptance. For fans of Driving Over Lemons, Under a Tuscan Sun and A Year in Provence, this is a funny, heart-warming holiday read for people of all ages.’

Mature Times

‘A charming true story of a couple who move from London to a rustic Croatian island.’

Choice magazine

‘A good read.’

Tariq Ali

“Hilarious. You won’t regret it! Five stars”

Bill Baker - Educator

“Charming and considerably cheaper than actually visiting Croatia in general or Vis in particular.”

Mia D - Reviewer

“There have been plenty of books written by middle-aged folks pulling up roots and moving to places off the beaten path, but few are as delightful as this. Stancomb and his wife are up to it all in this often funny and often lyrical account of their first year on Vis. It made me ready to move there!”

Janet Perry – Reviewer

“Anthony Stancomb writes in the vein of "A Year in Provence," but his "Under a Croatian Sun" is funnier, more diverse, and more insightful. It chronicles the story of the author and his wife departing England and moving to the island of Vis, Croatia, determined to assimilate into the culture. Stancomb's ability to delineate the Vis community and its characters is exceptional. The islanders are a unique and memorable lot! Laugh-out-loud funny.”

James Newell - Educator

“This book is very humorous… a wonderful group of characters, each so different yet same in some ways, and I loved them all.”

Alison DuFlon-DeLeo – Reviewer

“Under a Croatian Sun is a wonderful memoir of a British man who, along with his Croatian wife, give up the rat race in England and relocate/retire to Croatia. All in all, having read many expat memoirs, I find this one to be of a higher standard.  Funny, witty, engaging, and even educational. A sure win!”

Library Thing

“Under a Croatian Sun is a lovely memoir about the author's experience moving with his wife to the Croatian island of Vis in the Adriatic Sea.  Similar in feel to A Year in Provence and Under the Tuscan Sun, Stancomb's story is full of love for the island and saturated with lots of humor and good natured tales of culture clash.”

Tracy Delgado - Reviewer

“One of those books that draws you in and you wish you were there.”


“I love these expat books about moving abroad and living in a foreign country! Under the Tuscan Sun comes to mind.”

Catherine Hankins - Reviewer

“A beautiful story that simply needs to be read.”

Tracy Shephard - Reviewer

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