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Hitler’s Traitors

This is the story of some of the groups and individuals that opposed Hitler and his government and tells of their heroic efforts to rid themselves of the most evil regime in modern times.

They came from many different backgrounds – Protestant pastors, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoeller; the Catholic Bishop of Münster, Clements Galen and his cousin Konrad, Count von Preysing, Bishop of Berlin; politicians Otto Wels and Ernst Thälmann; students Hans and Sophie Scholl and their friends Christoph Probst and Alexander Schmorell; university professor Kurt Huber; military men Claus von Stauffenberg and Admiral Wilhelm Canaris and even a member of the Waffen SS, Kurt Gerstein.

Sadly by the time the Nazi regime came to an end most of those Germans who had resisted it were dead; arrested, imprisoned, tried and executed in the most barbaric manner.


“It precisely carries the intensity of an era dominated by Germany. ‘Hitler’s Traitors’ teaches early-mid 20th Century European history in a way youth can hear and understand. What Ottaway has done is create an in-depth overview of this period in modern history. It’s readable and it digs deep enough.  Ottaway successfully illustrates what life was like and what life could be like, should we fail to remember and act on what this history teaches us.”

Gratia Veritas Lumen

Violette Szabo by Susan Ottaway:

‘Ottaway confirms that she is a meticulous researcher and first-rate historian.’

Alliance Advocate

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