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Wildest Dreams

This is a drug anthology with a difference. Whilst the usual suspects are here – Huxley, Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson and Irvine Welsh among them – there are many surprise inclusion such as film stars like Errol Flynn who fancied himself as the new De Quincey and Cary Grant who simply fancied LSD. Smashing the myth that drug culture all began in the sixties Rudgley provides a smorgasbord with dishes from the first century AD onwards and from drug cultures across the globe from Thailand to Haiti.


'A fun read'


'Complete and authoritative ... excellent ... fascinating'


‘A couple of gems…are Cary Grant’s encounters with LSD and Errol Flynn’s morphine memories’


‘A book which manages to be erudite without being boring, and which keeps readers coming back for another fix without trivialising its subject’


‘Wildest Dreams is as strong on anthropological exotica - hallucinogenic snuff, zombie poisons and so on - as it is on comedy’

Daily Telegraph

‘This anthology suggests there is possibly something profound to be found and explored during the detachment from rationality that drugs allow us; that from the wildest dreams, we can glean insights by which to change our lives and our societies’

Glasgow Herald

‘An informative and enjoyable read for newcomers to the world of drugs and its aficionados too’

The Times

'A thorough and entertaining reference text'




'Will deeply satisfy the curious ... impressive'

Nicholas Lezard, MODERN REVIEW

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