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U2: The Definitive Biography

The result of over a decade of exclusive interviews with U2’s closest friends and business associates, this is the most explosive and comprehensive biography of the biggest—and most secretive—rock-and-roll band in the world. Author John Jobling charts their compelling rise to the top of the music industry, from their early days in Dublin as DIY post-punk champions to present day stadium rock behemoths, reveals the driving force behind singer Bono’s high-profile politicking, and offers intimate insights into the making of their most celebrated albums, including The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. This work throws new light on U2’s complex personal relationships and controversial business moves, and discovers a music empire at war with itself, struggling to preserve its soul in the face of unimaginable power and wealth. Crammed with startling revelations, this is the definitive account of an iconic rock band—both brilliant and flawed.


‘U2 fans will eat this up.’ — Booklist

‘Jobling presents a researched, knowing and briskly paced saga.’ — Publishers Weekly

‘Everything there is to know about U2, good and bad … A definitive, behind-the-scenes look at the band.’ - Unshelved

‘Concise and compelling.’

Wall St Journal

“What’s not to love! It’s U2. The best band in the world. Did I read it? Every word! And will read it again too!”

Claire Ross (Reviewer)

“I found this unauthorised biography of the members of the band to be an excellent read. I am a huge fan of U2 and reading their untold stories and activist movements, especially of Bono was really interesting.”

Jennifer Bowers (Reviewer)

“Your overall impression or conclusion after reading may be fine-tuned, if not completely turned upside down, thanks to this exhaustive in-depth dig into the lives of the Irish rock and roll band U2.”

Library Thing

"U2: The Definitive Biography is the first unauthorized biography of the band to document their career. The book contains previously unpublished photographs and interviews with the band's friends and business associates. It also goes into the band's humanitarian work. The photos included in the middle of the book are pretty fantastic, beginning with photos of Bono when he was 15 or 16 years old!"

Concert Katie (Reviewer)

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