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A Rustle in the Grass

Above ground the countryside stretches quietly, majestically beneath the changing skies. Peaceful and

untroubled, far from the wars and woes of man, nature moves through her timeless cycles.

But look closer. For in the secret world beneath the grasses lies an empire in turmoil. A revered leader had died and, as the enemy prepares its armies for war, rebellion is whispered through the undergrowth. There in the kingdom of the ants the old order crumbles and the new prepares for its explosive birth. No single insect, from magnificent war leader to defiant rebel, from wise elder statesman to upstart contender, from beloved Queen to emerging young champion, is impervious to the revolutionary changes within the hierarchy, or the gathering threat from a terrible foe.

Man may be ignorant of the cataclysmic battles unfolding beneath his vision, but he should take note. His struggles are not so very different....


‘A peculiarly fascinating story.’

The Guardian's Polly Toynbee

“I was immediately drawn into the story. We follow the exceptional bravery of Dreamer as he tries to determine what is worth dying for. It's a beautiful story.”

Rachel Stansel - Reviewer

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