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Full Brazilian

Brazilian model Cintia da Silva arrived in the UK with little else but a burning desire to make some money and turn her life around after enduring a poverty-stricken upbringing, tinged by tragedy. She quickly found she could barely scratch a living in the hugely competitive world of modelling, so she plunged into the murky world of the multi-million pound industry that is lap dancing.

Although she was sacked from her first club within the first week, thanks to some distinctly nasty behaviour from jealous co-dancers, Cintia resolved to re-invent herself and she has gone on to take the lap dancing world by storm. In the space of a few years she has become one of the UK’s highest grossing lap dancers, and she has performed in London, Paris, New York and Brazil, often netting thousands of pounds per night.

Full Brazilian is Cintia's true story of her life in some of the world’s best-known clubs. She shows how the most successful dancers ‘follow the money’, working from club to club, just to be in the right place, at the right time, when the richest punters come out to play. In this book she lays bare what really goes on in the dark underworld of gentlemen’s clubs for those who have the money to pay for their darkest fantasies as she and her close-knit group of fellow dancers vie to relieve them of every penny they've got.

Intimate and very revealing, Full Brazilian has it all: glamorous girls, firm friendships, illicit sex, treachery and big, big money.

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