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The Great Charity Scandal

There are more than 195,289 registered charities and charitable institutions in the UK that spend close to £80 billion of our money a year. Plus there are another 191,000 charities that don’t need to register.

According to a charity regulatory body, these charities make a huge thirteen billion ‘asks’ for donations every year – that’s around two hundred ‘asks’ for every man, woman and child in the UK.

Britain’s registered charities claim that almost ninety pence in every pound we give them is spent on what they call ‘charitable activities’. But with many of our best-known charities, the real figure is likely to be less than fifty pence in every pound. With too many charities, at least half of our money goes on management, administration, strategy development, political campaigning and fundraising – not on what most of us would consider ‘good causes’.

But does Britain really need so many charities? And do our charities spend enough of our money on good causes?

Or is there a massive amount of waste with sometimes five, ten, fifteen or even more registered charities all covering roughly the same areas, yet all with their own executives, administrators, fundraisers, communications experts, advertising campaigns, awareness programmes, offices, computers, fancy logos, colourful reports and so on and so forth?

The British public are becoming increasingly concerned over the way that charities raise and use the tens of billions we give them.

The Great Charity Scandal exposes the truth about Britain’s massive charity industry, revealing how our money is really spent, and shows what needs to be done so that much more of the money we donate to charity actually does get used in the way we expect.

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