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The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting

By the ghostwriter of On Leadership:

‘Immensely readable.’ - Management Today

Ghostwriters, for so long the publishing industry’s best kept secret, are finally stepping out from the shadows. In recent years there has been a rapid increase in demand for professional writers who can turn their hand to every genre of book, from celebrity life stories, to misery memoirs from ordinary folk with extraordinary stories, to ‘how I did it’ style biographies of successful businesspeople. Some leading non-fiction publishers report that up to 70 per cent of their list is now penned by ghosts.

The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting is a comprehensive overview of this little-known, yet burgeoning profession. Written by ghostwriter and former Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday journalist Teena Lyons, it explores every aspect of this secretive industry revealing why people use ghostwriters, who might need one, from celebrities to ordinary people and how to get the best out of a publishing collaboration.

Teena has enlisted the help of more than 30 of the UK’s best-known ghostwriters, publishers and agents for this book who have shared their stories about their own collaborations and their tips for success.

The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting is the book that brings ghosts to life.

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