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The Race to Truth

‘This won’t come as a shock to anyone, but this woman is a much better person than I am or will ever be.’

Lance Armstrong

A US sporting legend. The biggest doping scandal in history. And a woman who refused to be silenced.

Irish born Emma O’Reilly joined the US Postal team as a soigneur in 1997 working closely with Lance Armstrong. The pair formed a friendship while Armstrong beat the odds to go onto win the Tour de France. But as he secured a place as one of America’s biggest sporting legends Emma felt forced to turn a blind eye to life behind the scenes of pro-cycling and it’s endemic doping problems.

Years later after Emma left the sport, her conscience struggled with the knowledge pro- cyclists, including Marco Pantani, were dying because of drugs. Now by not speaking out Emma began to feel like part of the problem. It was then she agreed to speak to Sunday Times journalist David Walsh who’d been investigating doping for years.

But instead of cleaning up the sport, Emma found herself labeled a whistleblower and dismissed as a liar. Faced with a £1million legal bill she stood to lose everything, just for telling the truth. Including a foreword from Lance Armstrong himself, this book is a must-read for all cycling fans, revealing the ultimate story of responsibility, betrayal, morality and forgiveness.


'Impartial, honest, brave... the definitive account of those years.'

Irish Examiner, Books of the Year


Irish Times, Books of the Year

'Of all the depictions of Armstrong over the years, this is the most empathetic, unrelenting in its depiction of the doping monster, yet ultimately it is also forgiving.'

The Guardian

'Balanced and inspiring... Emma O'Reilly writes with great courage and honesty.'


‘Among the best of the Armstrong books out there.’

William Fotheringham, The Guardian

‘The Race to Truth is the post USADA Armstrong book everyone should read.’

SB Nation

Shortlisted for the ‘Sports Book of the Year’ in the Irish book awards 2014.

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