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Fighting for Queen and Country

'Nigel 'Spud' Ely writes with passion, pace and the knowledge of someone who's seen it and done it; because he has. In every chapter the reader can smell and taste the action. His style is gritty and no-nonsense, indicative of his background in the Parachute Regiment and SAS. His book exude authenticity as he writes from first-hand experience of some of the most ferocious battles of modern British military history.’

Mark Nicol, Military Author

'Spud Ely tells it like it was, from first-hand experience. No glory, just guts. You can almost smell the dirt and the blood. The true gauge of his fast-paced, in-your-face style is that men who have been to the dark places Spud has been to recognise its authenticity.'

The Sun

Spud Ely’s soldering career in the Parachute Regiment, the SAS, as a Military Consultant and as a War Photojournalist has taken him in to some of the most deadly, high-octane, violent battles of the modern era. From the Falklands, to Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq. Spud has been in the thick of the most ferocious and disturbing fighting of modern times.

Much of the combat he was involved in was so brutal and violent that it brought with it terrible and enduring psychological scars for the men on the front line. Since the end of the Falklands War more men have committed suicide that were actually killed in action. Spud has collected shocking testimonials from his fellow Paras and SAS soldiers and, sparing none of the gritty operational details, reveals exactly what these men when through and contributed to some of them taking their own lives.

Ely is renowned as a man who will, quite literally, stop at nothing to get the job done.

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