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Red Crown & Dragon

'This book is a collection of memories from officers and men who took part in the battles of Le Cahier, Le Bon Repos, Evrecy, the Falaise Gap, the Antwerp and Lommel bridgeheads, and against the Panzers in the Ardennes, right through to the end in Hamburg. Their accounts, in common with most battle stories, are a mix of sombre fact and hilarity, admirably linked by the author’s easy-to-read narrative. This book is recommended reading.'

Soldier Magazine

One of Monty's ‘green’ divisions that took part in Operation Overlord, the brutal battle for Normandy, the 53rd Welsh Division served with great distinction throughout the rest of the war. They were brilliantly led by Major General Bobby Ross.

After playing a major part in the fighting in Belgium, they were moved south to fight the Panzers in the Ardennes, breaking the Siegfried Line and on into the Rhineland where they captured Weeze. They ended the war by occupying ruined Hamburg. It was at great cost as they suffered 10,000 casualties in eleven months of the NW Europe campaign.

This remarkable book features the tales of over 60 men, NCOs and officers who took part in this campaign story.


‘A thoroughly researched and amply illustrated book that lets the facts, and the soldiers, speak for themselves.’

Western Morning Mail

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