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The Crime Factory

"I laughed, I cringed, and I also found myself deeply disturbed by it . . . Officer 'A' does not pull any punches" - Kevin Morris QPM, Head of the Superintendents Association for England and Wales

‘The difference between a good detective and a successful criminal is paper thin' - CID induction lecture

Welcome to the Criminal Investigation Department, aka the Crime Factory.

Where the cops take and sell drugs (or steal them from the police storeroom), where they fit up, 'verbal' and harass criminals, fight each other, drink-drive, abuse search warrants, have sex with sources, stab one another in the back (metaphorically), put each other under surveillance, abuse every aspect of their power, take bribes, cover up scandals, massage crime stats, leak sensitive information to the press . . .

The Crime Factory.

Where they perform life-saving medical care in the street, comfort people as they die, deal with gruesome suicides and murders as first-on-scene, attend cot-death postmortems, examine rotting dead junkies for signs of murder, watch guilty rapists and paedophiles walk free, fight drunk soldiers, gypsies and various psychotic individuals, go undercover to catch scumbags who force-feed them crack, find missing children, arrest thieves, muggers, dealers, rapists and murderers . . .

The Crime Factory.

It's enough to drive anyone insane.

The first book of its kind, this is the unforgettable and explosive true story of what life is really like as a police detective in the twenty-first century.

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