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Royal Legacy


Over the last century the British Royal Family have benefited from special privileges like secret wills to keep their private wealth away from public scrutiny. How can Prince Charles afford to live so lavishly - many ask - and how is the Queen able to bankroll other members of her family?

With the discovery of unpublished royal wills, little-known royal auction records and recently-released Treasury papers, David McClure has pieced together a mosaic of the landed property, jewellery and artworks that together forms the bedrock of the royal family’s inherited fortune.

But like all inheritance tales it’s also a highly human story full of greedy relatives, family splits and skeletons in the closet – and one made all the more timely by the current succession process whereby the Queen hands over some royal duties to the younger generation.

Nosy and irreverent, Royal Legacy takes a peek behind the palace curtains.


“Such an interesting insight into a particularly secretive part of the British Royal family.”

Georgia Grantham

“A particularly good read about a subject that is less known about the Royal Family and the ways in which they ensure that the wealth they have accumulated stays with them.”

T B - Reviewer

“This is not only a book about figures but also a fascinating look at how finance has shaped actions and relationships. I was particularly fascinated to read about the negotiations that took place at the time of the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936 with Wallis Simpson on the other end of a telephone in the South of France conveying her thoughts regarding the financial deals that were being made, deals incidentally that would contribute to the bad feelings between the Duke of Windsor and the Royals for years to come. Interesting, well written and insightful.”

G Heard (Reviewer)

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