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The Third Twin

It was Jonny who had not liked the idea of spending a night alone in Westminster Abbey, the great London Cathedral, with his twin brother Shamus, but it was Jonny who volunteered to be held hostage by the ghostly crowd of princes, kings and warriors who came to life at midnight, as a protest against the all-night opening of the Abbey.

But just as the ghosts were there all night, and gone with the dawn, so too was Jonny, leaving Shamus to convince everyone that the Abbey ghosts really did exist and that Jonny was with them. Or did the ghosts exist only in his imagination? If so, what had happened to the missing Jonny?

John Rae, the former Headmaster of Westminster School, wrote this brilliant, chilling and intriguing tale that can be read as a ghost story or a thriller, and that has more to offer on every reading.

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