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A Secret Life: One Man’s Unique Role in Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service

To the casual enquirer Carlton King was a policeman. Neighbours and those with a keener eye would surmise he was in the CID. Close friends and family realised he had something to do with Scotland Yard. Yet only those in the inner circle knew he was a Special Branch officer and fewer still, that he had a unique role in Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

A Secret Life charts Carlton’s path within this world of secret intelligence, spies, terrorists, extremists, undercover surveillance and close protection that made him known to world leaders including Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, John Major, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Safeguarding British interests, the lives of its citizens and those of its allies, Carlton tells the story of his action-packed activities all over the globe, involving helicopters, fast cars, warzones, six-star hotels and big guns. Yet for all this, some of Carlton's most important skills were his grasp of politics, his willingness to understand his adversary’s ideology, and his rapid ability to assimilate information – all of which served to help him stay alive.

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