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The Reagan Presidency: An Oral History of the Era

With the passage of nearly two decades since the writing of the Strobers’ original history of the world-altering Reagan era, the authors have been able to conduct a detailed analysis of how a congenial former movie star with a winning manner, a Roosevelt Democrat-turned Conservative spokesman, was able to withstand the Iran-contra affair to emerge more than ten years after his death as a beacon of American exceptionalism.


“This is a fascinating book…It sets the record straight about what went on behind the scenes during some of the most dramatic days of the Reagan presidency, out of the mouths of those who were there.”

Mike Wallace, CBS News, 60 Minutes

“Deborah Hart Strober and Gerald S. Strober are masters of the art of oral history. Here they give the fullest, fairest account yet of America’s fortieth president, as recalled with startling candor and insight by his closest associates. Short of Oval Office tapes, it’s hard to imagine a more intimate or revealing portrait. Ron, we hardly knew ye - until now.”

Richard Norton Smith, historian and Director of the Gerald R. Ford Museum and Library

“A sympathetic and very valuable oral history.”

Richard Reeves

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