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The Monarchy: An Oral Biography of Elizabeth II

The Strobers, self-styled as “Two New York Yankees roaming about the periphery of Queen Elizabeth’s Court,” offer their uniquely American perspective on the institution of the British Monarchy, the steadfast devotion of the Queen to her calling, and the many issues she continues to confront in the seventh decade of her reign.


“A terrific book. It makes for an immediacy you don’t get in the usual biography. There are things there I’ve never read before.”

Tina Jordan, NBC

“As interested in the troubles in Northern Ireland as in what happened between Charles and Di, the Strobers achieve a rare blend of the gossipy and the political. Deliciously informative and always entertaining, this is a book for thinking people.”

Publishers Weekly

“Is just as carefully timed as (Royal by Robert Lacey) but it offers more satisfying illumination. It is an assiduously compiled narrative of the Queen’s reign from the view of public figures and ordinary people.”

The Observer

“It’s a massive tray of informational hors d’oeuvres yet strangely satisfying nonetheless as it contains many delicious tidbits and glimpses behind the scenes.”

Sunday Globe and Mail

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