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The Sinner's Congregation

Named after a trip to see South Pacific, the Bali Hotel stands not in the South Seas but in a remote corner of Southern England. Reluctantly owned by Martin Lomax, the Bali has a bar that provides refuge to residents and a group of eccentric locals including the sharp-tongued, gin-swilling Mrs Stapleton and her verbal sparring partner Adam.

One fateful day, however, the mirth and merriment of the Bali is clouded by the arrival of a spectre from Martin's past. His name is Edwin Catchpole and to say that he is a vicious brute would be flattery. To Martin, the opportunity to even the score is far too tempting to resist…


"Zany, with snappy dialogue and nice throw-away lines, the story carries a genuine sense of lonely tragedy beneath the chuckles."

Sunday Express

"Crackles with aphorisms….a powerful novel."

Daily Express

"High comedy…high entertainment."

New Yorker

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