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Endgame 1945

In this compelling narrative about the end of the Second World War in Europe, acclaimed historian David Stafford delves behind the dramatic headlines proclaiming victory to reveal the horrors and hardships of its final days and aftermath. Drawing upon diaries, letters, and personal testimonies, he brilliantly interweaves the lives of ordinary people with the actions of military and political leaders to paint a vivid panorama of a continent scarred and traumatized by a war whose effects continue long after the fighting has stopped.


“A harrowing masterpiece of modern history.”

Sunday Express

“David Stafford weaves an often majestic tapestry of testimony… Time and again, you sit up and take notice in ways that more conventional history lets slip…”

The Observer

“A vivid reminder of the misery that persisted across Europe long after the shooting stopped in 1945.”

Daily Mail

“Stafford skillfully provides a connecting framework for a narrative of almost Tolstoyan proportions…. which only a writer of the first caliber, strongest nerve and monumental intellectual stamina could tackle.”

The Spectator

“A fine book… a page turner…compelling.”

Len Deighton

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