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The Crusades

The extraordinary story of the crusades - that devastating conflict of two worlds - is told here in one magnificently illustrated, totally compelling volume.

Here is the brutal drama — and occasional romance — of two hundred years of struggle for the Holy Land. Here is the bloody tale of Turk and Greek, Arab and Assassin, Egyptian and Frank, Mongol and Mameluk slaughtering each other for the love of God. Here are such legendary heroes as Richard the Lion Heart, Saladin and Barbarossa and such terrifying monsters as Jenghiz Khan. Here are the Crusaders in their kingdoms of Outremer relishing the luxuries of their enemies — carpets, baths, spices, oranges — and building the finest castles in the world. Tony Bridge tells a tale of one of history's great adventures which is more engrossing than any epic novel.


`A concise, popular introduction to two centuries of geopolitical earthquake...’

The Times

`A readable and accurate account skilfully compressed into one volume, the best account of the subject for a general reader too idle to broach Runciman's three volumes'

Times Literary Supplement

`Antony Bridge excels, making the Crusaders' spiritual motives perfectly comprehensible'

Irish Times

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