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The Ashen Rung: The continuing adventures of a young Norfolk Police Constable in the early days of Queen Victoria

After 18 months as a new Norfolk constable Barnaby Madden has experienced much in his young life.

He has met Elizabeth Fry and her family, he has fought with highway robbers, and found himself covered in red paint.

He has broken up a cock-fighting ring, and seen the transportation of pickpockets.

He has chased a gang of kidnappers to Yarmouth and rescued local girls from slavery, and set criminals in the stocks.

He has met John Long the famous detective, and together they have captured a gang of smugglers after a chase across the marshes.

Barnaby’s judicious use of gunpowder reveals the identity of a local thief, while he chases another villain only to see the man crushed by the water wheel at Narborough Hall.

But will he capture his greatest prize, the heart of Mary Loynes?

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