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Enigmas: Strange Mysteries from the Nightside of History and Science

• How did the universe begin, and how will it end?

• What happens to us when we die?

• Is there intelligent life elsewhere in our galaxy and beyond?

• Do unknown creatures still live in the wild and unexplored regions of the world?

• Who wrote the indecipherable Voynich manuscript?

• What happened to the three lighthouse keepers who vanished in the Outer Hebrides in 1900?

These are just a few of the tantalising questions addressed in ENIGMAS. Written in a clear, informative and entertaining style, this book presents some of the most intriguing, puzzling and just plain terrifying of the world’s many unfathomable mysteries. Each self-contained chapter deals with a particular mystery that has caused wonder, excitement or fear to all who have pondered it. From unexplained phenomena and bizarre events to enigmatic people and legendary places, these pages contain a wealth of intriguing information about our vast and mysterious universe.

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