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Luciano's War

February 1942, U-Boats are sinking American ships faster than they can be built. The New York Waterfront is awash with Italian spies. Only one man can stop the rot, but Lucky Luciano is serving a fifty-year sentence for running whorehouses.

The US Navy is forced to eat humble pie ask for his assistance. As the invasion draws near, he sent into Sicily, to meet with the Mafia Dons and prepare the way for the Allies. All too soon he finds himself swept up by the terror and anguish of war.

LUCIANO’S WAR is a meticulously researched, fast-moving adventure based on a little-known campaign. Apart from the two main protagonists and their immediate associates, all the characters and events are based on truth. The story supposes what might have happened if the US authorities had granted Luciano his wish to go behind the lines.

It is part military history, part crime novel, a story of unrequited love, corruption and revenge. It is thrilling, moving and funny, with flesh and blood characters that leap off the page. The heroism and sacrifice at Piano Lupo, Triona and Brolo deserve to be commemorated alongside Normandy, Arnhem and the Bulge.


"David Weston has an uncanny grasp of time and place and writes with fluent wit and excitement."

Robert Hardy

"David Weston deftly interweaves fact and fiction. Hugely imaginative."

Simon Shaw, Mail on Sunday

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