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The Secret War for Israel

In October 1946, an undercover agent arrived in Paris with top secret instructions from the Middle East. His orders were to activate a new frontline in the war for a Jewish state - a frontline on the British mainland.

Based partly on recently released archives, The Secret War for Israel tells the true stories of spies, assassins and guerrillas who fought a ferocious, desperate insurgent war against the British from 1946 until the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. It reveals:

* The secret links between Jewish insurgents and Scottish nationalist leaders;

* The minister in Clement Attlee’s government who British Intelligence suspected of helping the guerrillas;

* The guerrillas’ plans to poison London’s water supply with cholera, and to drop home-made bombs and pamphlets over the capital;

* The theft of explosives from quarries in Devon- and how the Jewish insurgents hid them in a garage in north London;

* Threatening phone calls to Field Marshal Montgomery;

* Tension between Britain and America about Zionist adverts in the American press;

* MI5’s fears that a Jewish chemist was devising “an infernal machine” to use against the British public;

* Agents illicitly flying into the UK and crash-landing in the Sussex and Kent countryside;

* How British intelligence continued to monitor Zionist suspects until 1950- two years after the creation of Israel.

Reviews for Roger Howard’s The Arctic Gold Rush:

"Howard's book stands out as a model of objectivity and dispassionate analysis in a publishing world where there is far too much sensationalism on such subjects" - The Tablet

"A rewarding read... an interesting and unexpected analysis" - Publisher's Weekly

"Meticulous detail... an excellent book of reference with a wealth of factual detail" - Morning Star

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